The Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation
The Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation

Andrew had a passion for Brutal Music. This guy knew about more bands than most people ever do. Kraanium, Vulvodynia, Abominable Putridity, Traitors, Enterprise Earth are just a few of the bands he really was in to. Andrew decided he wanted to start a community on Facebook called the BDMSDCC( Brutal Death Metal Slam Deathcore Community) so he could seek out others who also really enjoy brutal music. Now over a year later the community has over 10,000 members and an amazing underground brutal music scene. He inspired bands from allover to be creative in their music. Slam was definitely his biggest passion and it is because of him the Slam community continues to grow. Thanks to Andrew we all have a place to stay brutal.


     -Megan Rdesinski