The Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation
The Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation


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Genre/For Fans Of:
Brutal Death Metal, Slamming Deathcore Chainsaw Castration, Delusional Parasitosis


Genre/For Fans Of:
Technical death metal/ slam influence

Depths of Neptune

Technical Alienslam

Flesh of the Lotus

Death Metal/Slamming Death-core
I declare War, Depths, Feign, 2x4, Oceano, Suffocation, Black tongue, Traitors, Acrania, Whoretopsy, TBDM, Early Whitechapel

Psychotic Defilement

Genre/For Fans Of:
Slamming Brutal Death Metal/
Devourment, Parasitic Ejaculation, Skinless, Abominable Putridity

Bled Out Abroad

Genre/For Fans Of:
Slam Metal for fans of Pathology and Rancid Flesh.

Schoolgirl Upon Thy Corpse

Genre/For Fans Of:
Cheerleader Concubine, Jig-Ai, Go-Zen, Last Days Of Humanity

Cannibal Abortion

Genre/For Fans Of:
Brutal Death Metal/Slam/Old School Death Metal

Bog Wraith

Genre/For Fans Of:
Slamming Deathcore/FFO: Fit For An Autopsy, The Elite Five, Acrania, Infant Annihilator

Jesus Wept

Genre/For Fans Of:
Blackened Slamming Death Metal. FFO Plague Widow, Hateful Transgression, Martyrs of Necromancy, Vermin Womb, Begging For Incest, Leviathan, Xasthur, Burzum, Yellow Eyes, Devourment

Anarchy, Inc.

Slamming Deathcore, Brutal Death Metal, Deathgrind, Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, TSD era Whitechapel, Acranius, Disfiguring The Goddess, Acrania, Vulvodynia

10,000 lb Pound Destruction

Genre/For Fans Of:
Thrash/Hardcore Crossover.  D.R.I, Testament, Municipal Waste, GWAR, etc.

Rotting Phallus

Genre: Meme Slam/For Fans of Slamming Brutal Death Metal and memes


Genre/For Fans Of:
Old school thrashy death metal with horror movie themed lyrics!

Voice of Lamentation

Genre/For Fans Of:
Brutal death Metal, death Metal, tech death Metal


Genre/For Fans Of:
Brutal Death Metal, Slam Death and Grindcore


Genre/For Fans Of:
Death Metal

Golden Rusk

Genre/For Fans Of:
Death Metal, Brutal Death metal

Signs of Omnicide

Genre/For Fans Of:
Slam Influenced Deathcore/ Death Metal
 Ingested, Abominable Putridity, Waking The Cadaver


Genre/For Fans Of:
Old-school occult Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Gore Grind, Horror movie sountracks, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Demilich, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophobic, Dismember

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